What is Your Creative Personality?

Beyond the discipline or craft that you may be invested in, your main creative personality influences HOW you approach your craft and WHAT message you are most inclined on communicating.

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Rather than execution, it is your intention that counts

If you're feeling blocked creatively, or frustrated, it may be useful for you to return within for a moment and reconnect to why you're creating in the first place.

Then, while you're in that cosy interior space, you might as well reacquaint yourself with all of your particular personas.

Yet in your multiple creative facets you will find a driving force that threads them all together.

This is your creative personality. 

It's the orchestra conductor of your inner muses who, at once chaotic and docile, are following its direction.

So, the next time you feel lost, confused, uninspired, perhaps call on your orchestra conductor, who'll most likely be more than ready to answer your call.

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Your creative personality encompasses the following :

  • The unique sensibilities, perceptions and interpretations that YOU are offering

  • The external influences that made your VISION come to life, sometimes in spite of them

  • The artistic inspirations that seeped into your soul and, once assimilate, participate now in your art
  • The art form in which you thrive as a result of your journey both as an artist and as a human